legs spread 

crown of laced fingers

rests on your head

as lips glide betwixt thighs


closed wide

your wind

chills the spine


consume me

sip god’s nectar


our souls dance


ill cum when the song ends

-M. Terry

Phantom Limbs

I still feel it 

I swear it is there

My heart betrayed by mine eyes 

That tell me this is a lie

It is gone 

But I still long 

For the piece of me -severed

Even though I know

If one has amputated an Infected limb

There is no need to carry it

For there is no hope of reattachment

Still my mind a trickster

Materializes the lost


Haunting me


-M. Terry

Endless Sleep

She said 
I want to sleep
He said
Beyond your bedroom’s threshold 
Life awaits you 
She said
The light burns my retinas
Walking aches my bones
Even talking as we are now
Causes my jaw to creak
And my teeth to shutter
I want to sleep
He said 
Lie awake with me 
We will count our breaths
Merge our heart beats
We don’t have to speak
She said
I want to sleep
I wish I could sleep forever
He said
So you want to die 
What is death but endless sleep
She said 
I have longed for death’s kiss before
Attempted to force his lips on mine
I couldn’t do it
Happy I didn’t 
To be dead is to be
-M. Terry